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    Bring out the fruit cake!

    Cakes and desserts have a way to make everyone around them happy and exhilarated. Nothing can be more special than a personalised and customised cake for your loved ones on their special days. With the lively colours, the decoration and the lip-smacking taste of different flavoured cakes, they have become the pride and joy of every celebration. People love sharing their happiness and good news with their friends and families. That being said, cakes have always been an integral part of every event. It binds the party together. Some of the favourite delectable cakes of all time are chocolate, fruit, butterscotch, hazelnut and others. Well, talking about cakes- we can not forget about the fruit cake filled with the richness and goodness of different fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples and kiwi. Order fresh fruit cakes from Whipped and get them delivered on the same day. We have an exclusive collection of mouth-melting cakes that would just make your day even better. Read More

    Usually, an ordinary party includes snacks, a main course, desserts and drinks but there is always room for a cake in every celebration- be it small or big. Cakes just make the soul happy and delighted. When there is cake in the house, that too a fruit cake- the celebration gets more vibrant and happening. Order fruit cake online from Whipped and enjoy every bit of it. We have an amazing range of cakes, desserts and other delectables with cake pops and flowers- a one-stop solution for all your bakery needs. You can always customise and personalise cakes of your choice- be it your favourite flavour or design. We at Whipped ensure that all our cakes are freshly baked with natural ingredients and zero preservatives. Cakes are not only for birthdays, anniversaries or any celebrations- you can always have a slice of your favourite-flavoured cake whenever you want. With everything being digitised, it is easier nowadays to order anything of your choice with just a click on your mobile phone. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and order the most amazing fruit cake from Whipped, filled with fresh fruits. Make every day special and memorable with the presence of cakes and desserts. Also, have a look at our signature cakes and other desserts. Visit our website for more information. Read Less

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