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    Exclusive Birthday Cakes For Your Loved Ones

    Any birthday is incomplete without loved ones, laughter, joy, and, of course, cake! Bring their favourite cake on their special day and see their face light up with amusing happiness. So, to make your loved one’s birthday even more memorable, why not get a delicious and beautiful birthday cake online? If you are looking for the perfect birthday cake in Delhi NCR, Whipped would be happy to cater to all your needs! Read More

    If you wish to buy birthday cake online, we have a huge collection of birthday cakes. No matter what your favourite flavour or aesthetic preference is, we promise to deliver the birthday cake of your dreams! Some of our best-selling best birthday cake include Waves cake, Sunset cake, Daisy cake, Brushstroke cake, Rainbow cake, and more. You can even customize the cake to your liking and we would be happy to serve you a slice you love.

    The tradition of cutting a cake goes way back than we can imagine. The origins of birthday cakes can be traced to the Middle Ages when German parents would celebrate their children's initial birthdays with cakes and call the event Kinderfest. The cakes were initially grainy, like bread and gradually evolved to become sweeter and more delicious.

    This birthday custom persisted for a while before modern birthday cakes were created. Nowadays, we can order birthday cake online, but back then, cakes were made like bread. The era in which modern birthday cakes first appeared on the market was the fifteenth century. These birthday cakes had multiple layers, unique decorations, and frosting, which gave them a vibrant, beautiful appearance.

    But regrettably, only the wealthy could afford these cakes. Due to the industrial revolution, which made food and baking supplies easily accessible and affordable, these birthday cakes were made available even to the less affluent members of society in the 18th century. Even Western European nations began to cut birthday cakes as a part of their customs around the beginning of the nineteenth century. And look where we are now - we buy birthday cake online, just like other things!

    In fact, it is common for cake shops and bakeries to sell assorted cake accessories and decorations. One of the most popular ones is birthday candles, of course. A birthday cake is incomplete without candles and wishes. Blowing out the candle flames on a birthday cake came after the birthday custom of cutting a cake. There are many explanations for the birthday custom of blowing out the candles. The Greek explanation, which explains this birthday custom nicely, is one of the theories. The customary candle blowing on birthdays is apparently related to the earliest tradition of lighting candles to mark the birth of a Greek Goddess - Artemis.

    In fact, if you buy birthday cake online from us, you can also buy candles. We make sure these are safe and hygienic to make them safe for you. You can also pick sparkle candles or cake toppers that our customers love. Read Less

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