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    There is no denying how special birthdays, anniversaries and little successes are for the family, parents and friends. The enthusiasm, excitement and exhilaration are just beyond explanation. Everyone loves to celebrate little things in life. We must express and show the same level of love and affection to those who are important to us. To express our feelings can be overwhelming sometimes. But then again, that’s why we have cakes and flowers. These things have always been a star in every celebration. Whether it’s the taste, appearance, fragrance, decoration or anything else- cakes just enlighten the mood and vibe of the celebration. It binds people together. Choosing a perfect cake that would just elevate everyone’s mood around you is not big of a task. It brings joy and sweetness to the table. One thing that makes cakes special is how we personalise them. The celebration is lit and happening when you set the tone with the perfect customised and personalized cake. Add sprinkles, and choco-chips, write a note, add more flavours, and design it your way- be it anything! Customisation gives the cake different homely vibes which will make your loved one feel special. Order personalised cake online from Whipped and surprise your friends and family differently. Make their day more special by adding a personalised touch to it.

    Custom-designed cakes let the recipient know that you went the extra mile to plan their special day right down to the last detail. How many times have you gone to a birthday party where the big question was “Where is the cake”? Guests want to see what the cake looks like before they even greet the guest! The right design, perfect flavour a cute little message makes it up for everything. Personalised cakes are highly eye-catching, impressive and creative. Order personalised cakes and bring a wide smile to your loved ones' faces. Make these moments a little more special, you can always catch up with the theme of the party. With a wide range of cakes and desserts, Whipped offers the best-personalised cakes. Order now and get it delivered on the same day.

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