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    Chocolate- is a universal comfort food and as we know a slice of chocolate cake is the ultimate delectable that you can have any time, anywhere you want. It is easily one of the most popular bakery items today, as no celebration is complete without it. It’s the presence of cake that welcomes new members and builds bonds - from celebrating birthdays and anniversaries to having fun at promotional parties- they have always been an important part of every event.  Every occasion becomes a little more special and memorable when you mark it with good-quality chocolate cake. And then, there are times when you are craving a chocolate cake, without even a reason- so what would you do? You will pick up your phone and order chocolate mousse cake online from Whipped. Over the years, several renditions of decadent chocolate cakes have been created, and chocolate lovers have a hard time picking a favourite.Read More

    The appeal and strong aromas of chocolate make the mousse even more tempting and mouth-melting. The softly prepared mousse just incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. Rich and creamy, yet light and airy- this is how we describe our favourite dessert- Chocolate Mousse. Order chocolate mousse cake online from Whipped as we prepare it classically with the rich taste of chocolate. Get your freshly baked chocolate mousse cake today and uplift your mood instantly. People love it because of its more intense flavour of chocolate with a beautiful cream mouth feel. You can always get this amazing flavoured cake for any occasion. It is considered one of the most loved deserts of all time. So don’t wait up, order chocolate mousse cake from Whipped and get mesmerised by its intense and exotic taste. With a wide range of exclusive cakes, we at Whipped bake fresh cakes, desserts and delectables with natural ingredients and zero preservatives. Have a look at our signature chocolate cakes and order now!Read Less

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