Creative Cake Delivery Ideas For Special Occasions

by Avin Verma


Cakes have become an integral part of every occasion be it a birthday, anniversary, or even a promotion. Everyone wants to surprise their loved ones and make them feel valued by ordering a cake for them. A little piece of pastry is filled with lots of surprises and fun for everyone. Today, the design of a cake has become a complex process as everyone has different ideas for the specific cake design. 

Creative Cake Decoration and Delivery Ideas Based on Occasions

Every occasion feels incomplete without a cake. So, let’s take a look at some of the creative cakes based on different occasions. 

  • Birthday Cakes
  • Birthday cakes are the most popular cakes and every birthday party is not a celebration without a birthday cake. These days, there are various decoration ideas for birthday cakes. The decoration of colorful flowers on top of the cake is the latest trend. 

    Birthday cakes can also be ordered in the shape of the number of years a birthday person is turning. This looks cool. Moreover, to surprise the birthday boy or a girl, the cake could be delivered at midnight to their doorstep. Whipped facilitates these cake delivery in Gurugram ideas to surprise an individual on their birthday.

  • Anniversary Cakes
  • The second most common cakes are anniversary cakes. These cakes can be in the form of rings to celebrate the togetherness of the couple or in the form of champagne to celebrate the day of their togetherness. 

    Anniversary cakes could be in the form of a heart to celebrate the love the couple has for each other. When we talk about decoration on anniversary cakes, written messages, and photo cakes are the trend. You can surprise the couple while they are on vacation to a romantic location. You can also organize a surprise party for them.

  • Promotion Cakes
  • These cakes can be given the shape of a tie or a laptop to represent the corporate world. Moreover, you can choose the theme cake for this occasion with the theme of the corporate world. The written message goes well with these cakes. 

    You can choose the flavor and the texture of the case. You can also tell them the personalized message that you would want to convey to them. Surprise your colleagues with a promotion cake when they come to the office on the first day after being promoted. This will enhance their levels of happiness and will maintain a healthy work culture too.

  • Cakes for Valentine’s Day
  • Over a few years, Valentine's Day has earned great importance in every couple’s lives and so do the cakes for this special occasion. Everyone wants to surprise their partner on this special day and celebrate their love for each other. 

    What is the best way to surprise your partner other than a themed cake which represents your love? In case, you don’t want to go with a theme cake, you can also go with the cake in the flavor of red velvet in a heart shape as the red color and heart represent the romantic bond between the couple. The decoration of roses goes well with Valentine’s Day cakes.

  • Mother’s Day Cake
  • Children enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day to make their mothers feel valued and important. Even Mother’s Day is incomplete without a cake. Choose the flavor of the cake that your mother enjoys. Go with the personalized message on the cake for your mom. Get it delivered to your doorstep to surprise your mom. Along with a cake, a handmade Mother’s Day card will make your mom feel proud of their children. For cakes, you can choose a theme cake for the beautiful relationship that you and your mother share.

  • Women’s Day
  • Do you want to make the women in your life feel valued and important? If yes, what will be the day other than Women’s Day? Surprise your women on this beautiful day and let them know how important they are to you and in your lives. 

    Order a cake for Women’s Day. It can be in the form of women. Try to do something different this Women’s Day and choose a blue theme for your cake to end the stereotype of pink being associated with women. They will be happy if you contribute even 1% in breaking the stereotype and stigmas that surround women.

  • Farewell Cakes
  • Are you bidding farewell to your loved ones? If yes, make this occasion beautiful rather than being surrounded by sadness and tears. It can be in the form of planes or trains to embark on their new journey in life. Congratulate them on their new beginnings. 

    You can all write personalized messages on sticky notes and put them in the world so that every individual can see them. This will make your loved ones emotional and happy. This will also make them realize how important they are in our lives. So, order a cake with Whipped which is the best bakery in Gurgaon

  • Fresher’s Party
  • There has been a late trend of freshers parties where you welcome the freshers in an organization be it colleges or a corporate world. The best way to welcome them into your organization is through a welcoming cake which can be in the form of a laptop or pen in case of a corporate world. In the case of colleges, it can be in the form of a pen and a notebook to represent their studies in college life.

    Make every occasion special with Whipped and add sweetness to your life. You can choose from varieties of flavors and designs too!


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