Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon


Delight in every bite

Life is too short to regret something. Ensure that you are always there for the people who are important in your life, no matter what! Mark your presence and embrace their special moments by giving them little presents. Never miss a chance to express your feelings- always support your loved ones by sharing things with them. While we celebrate every sunrise, some special days in our lives can’t simply go down with just paying gratitude to the Gods!- be it our birthdays, anniversaries or little successes. That’s when lip-smacking and enticing mood-uplifting cakes to start the day come to the rescue. Thanks to the wide availability of cake types, flavours, and themes, there is always something for everyone on all occasions. Online cake delivery in Gurgaon from Whipped is the best way to avail cakes on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, or Valentine’s, among other celebrations. Some of our mouth-melting cakes that are loved by everyone are-Read More

  1. Red velvet cake- One of the best the most famous cakes of all time- perfect for all your special occasions. Red colour has always been so special and symbolises love. A colour that is close to the heart- it depicts romance, love and intimacy. This cake tastes like cocoa with a slightly tart edge which compliments its perfect sweetness and deliciousness by maintaining a perfect blend of flavours. This cake is available with and without eggs. Get online cake delivery in Gurgaon from Whipped and enjoy this lip-smacking cake with your loved ones.
  2. Nutella strawberry cake- An amazing choice of delicacy, Nutella strawberry cake has rich layers and flavours of dark chocolate and strawberries. This cake would just light up your mood instantly. Fill your special day with joy and excitement by surprising your family and friends with Nutella strawberry cake. The best chocolate cake is finished with a smooth and favourable strawberry taste.
  3. Fresh pineapple cake- Pineapple-flavoured cake is timeless and the simplest cake that still has its charm. If you are craving some fruity taste, then this is the perfect cake for you. This cake is made of pineapples and fresh milky cream filled with small pieces of fruit which give it a sweet taste and texture.
  4. Butterscotch cheesecake- This cake screams tastiness in every bite of it. Butterscotch cheesecake is one of a kind of cake that elevates your celebration. The smooth after-taste of this extremely delicious cake is beyond imagination. Order online cake delivery in Gurgaon from Whipped and begin your celebration with some sweetness.

 So, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite-flavoured cake from Whipped and bring a wide smile to their faces. Have a look at our signature cakes and customise them according to your needs and requirements.