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Mini Cup Cakes Handcrafted With Love And Care

We at Whipped aspire to spread smiles through our tasty and yummy delicacies and desserts. Cupcakes are the most loved desserts all over the world because of their cute little size. The most portable and easy-to-carry dessert for any type of gathering or celebration. The best part is that everyone gets an equal share of their own dessert. Order mini cupcakes online from Whipped and serve your friends and family a wide range of flavourful cupcakes. Well, who doesn’t like to have their own share of dessert? That is why most people prefer cupcakes instead of cakes. We offer an exclusive variety of mini cupcakes like red velvet, chocolate, oreo, butterscotch and many more. The gorgeous frosting that goes over these mini cupcakes is worthwhile. Owing to their small sizes, there are a lot of scopes to experiment with their flavours and frosting. Read More

We combine the two aspects of food and lifestyle and we aim to satisfy our customers with the best flavoured and quality desserts. Order mini cupcakes online and bring a big smile to your friend's and family's faces. These little bites of heaven will just brighten up your day. Read Less

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