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How about some ice cream cake?

Everyone loves ice cream and cakes, now imagine a combination of both these amazing desserts into one delectable. Well! Doesn’t it sound amazing- the blend of your favourite flavoured ice cream and cake? Many people think ice cream cakes are better than regular cakes because why not have both lip-smacking desserts into one? The layer of ice cream sandwiched between the layers of cake and crunch is just what we need for any celebration. In the case of ice cream, you can go for any flavour or a mixture of different flavours. Then you always have the option of customising and personalising your ice cream cake with crunches, choco-chips and of course colourful sprinkles. The soft crumbling, mouth-melting and moist ice cream cake is the perfect way to end your dinner party with your friends and family. These cakes are, like regular cakes typically reserved for celebratory occasions and experiences. Ice cream cakes go back decades, they have always been loved by people worldwide. So, why don’t you order ice cream cakes from Whipped for your next celebration? The incredible splurge that you will get after having one slice of your favourite ice cream would be just unimaginable.

Cakes are a necessity in every celebration, they just light up the mood and vibe of the people. Ice cream cakes taste incredible with all the layers of different flavoured ice cream, cake, crust, icing and sprinkles. Ice cream cake is the dessert you will fall in love with during any season- be it summer, winter or fall. It is a love-layered delectable with the scope of mixing your two-three favourite flavours. They are great for midnight snacking, for an elaborate celebration and even for a small gathering. If you are looking for a decadently delicious ice cream cake, then you can always order it from your favourite stop.  Order ice cream cakes online from Whipped and bring a wide smile to your loved one's face. We at Whipped take care of all your sweet needs- right from offering you the best and freshly baked cakes to all types of desserts and cake toppers as well. You can always customise your ice cream cake, like the garnishing, the flavours, crust and crunch or anything you want. The alternating layers of cake and ice cream, makes it, even more, tastier and mouth-melting. Don’t wait up! Order ice cream cake and enjoy the whole cake to yourself. Treat yourself and your family to the most amazing desserts from Whipped and get them delivered on the same day.

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