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    All Types Of Cakes Topped With Love And Joy

    Whipped means “excessively devoted” and that’s what we do- we are devoted to making your special day memorable and extraordinary by offering absolute mouth-melting delicacies and desserts. We have an indulgent and exclusive range of cakes, cookies, desserts and savouries. You name it and we have it- chiffon, genoise, sponge? From oil cakes and butter cakes to jar cakes and muffins, each of these baked desserts has distinct and unique ingredients with a baking method of its own. We have many different types of cakes including chocolate cake, fruit cake, ice cream cakes and many more. Read More

    Everyone is fond of these mouth-watering desserts that not only satisfy our sweet cravings but also boost our moods. Every time, we enter any bakery- we are greeted with rich aromas and fragrances of freshly baked delectables that just hit us in a sweet way. With so many occasions to celebrate- weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more, cakes have always been an important and exclusive part of all these celebrations. Treat your guests and loved ones with a box of sweets that they will remember for the rest of their lives. The different types of cakes that we offer are rich and dense, layered with love and your favourite flavoured frosting.

    Order your favourite desserts from Whipped- be it different types of chocolate cakes, muffins, cupcakes or fruit cakes and get them delivered on the same day. Do you have a sweet tooth? Then, Whipped is the best place for you, try our signature cakes which will melt in your mouth and get a euphoric feeling from their mellow sweetness. We believe in sprinkling our customers with the happiness of desserts and cakes. Read Less

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