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    What are parties and celebrations synonymous with? Confetti, love, laughter, party poppers, decorations, and much more. It is a trend to use birthday party poppers during the cake-cutting ceremony and everyone enjoys it. The light pop makes everyone happy and adds more life to the party. Also, having cute dressings and cake toppers for every occasion is also something people love these days. Read More

    A birthday and other cake rituals that date back countless years are blowing out the candles. The original superstition says that the smoke from the candles would carry your desires to the gods. So, we now blow out the candles as part of our birthday festivities. We find it amusing to use trick candles to play pranks on our buddies who are enjoying their birthdays. Even today, we still believe that a birthday wish will come true if the person blows out all the flames on the cake while keeping their wishes a secret. Just like the cake candles, there are always other interesting types of cake toppers for all occasions.

    It is common for cake delivery services and bakeries to have a good collection of decorations or accessories for cakes. They even sell these according to different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. If you are in Delhi NCR, we at Whipped will be happy to send over the best accessories for your cake for every occasion. When you place an order for a cake with us, you can also buy a cake topper online and other accessories. In fact, we also have special sparkle candles for our customers to make the cake even more special.

    For the safety of our customers, we make all our decorations and cake accessories while taking care of all hygiene and regulatory measures. Whipped is committed to providing the best for our customers and we make sure we are sticking with everything we need to make the best products for our customers. Our accessories are safe for people and the environment as well. So, if you are looking for safe accessories like cake toppers online, we will be happy to provide you with everything you need. Read Less

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