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    Cake Loaves- Perfect for every occasion

    Cakes are a wonderful way to commemorate many different occasions since they bring people closer and make them happy in addition to being an extremely tasty sensation to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is the reason why people love to buy loaf cakes. Read More

    Every day should be celebrated since it is a special day. Birthdays, anniversaries, common festivals, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day etc., are among the most important occasions to celebrate. A cake is welcomed at any type of celebration because of its universal appeal. A bite of a delectable cake merely appears to bring about a sense of celebration's completion and validation.

    Cake loaf is also called pound cake and dates back to European history. Pound cake's early 18th-century beginnings can be traced to Northern Europe. The pound cake's original weight was four pounds, therefore the idea that it got its name from its weight is ruled out. But the cake's ingredients were weighed out to a pound. It was typically made with a pound of each of the following four ingredients - butter, flour, sugar, and eggs. Since then, the phrase "pound cake" has remained in use. These days, it is easy to buy loaf cakes online like other eatables.

    Since cake loaf suit all occasions, Whipped has a whole collection of these. ButterScotch Cheesecake, Mistress Cheesecake, Belgian Brownie, Nutella New York Cheesecake, New York Cheesecake, and Apple Pie Loaf - just pick your favourite, and we would love to deliver these to you with our loaf cake delivery. We love to deliver only the best to our customers. So, all our products are baked with love and all hygiene measures to ensure we deliver deliciousness with utmost care and safety. Read Less

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