Add A Personal Touch To Your Gift With Customised Cakes By Whipped

by Avin Verma


A tasty cake is the best way to commemorate a significant occasion, like your wedding anniversary or a big promotion of a close friend of yours. Cakes are ubiquitous all over the world, and they are not just bought for birthdays. Cakes are perfect for all special occasions, such as retirement parties, reunions, and events celebrating achievements, and many others. 

However, you can take your celebration experience a step further and order customized cake online. By choosing customized cakes, you make these celebrations and festivities more unique and unforgettable. It's tough not to admire, these alluring, inventive desserts. Remember that you cannot buy a customized cake from just any shop down the corner. 

Customized cakes are tough to make and they should be left to be handled by professionals only. So, in this article, we will discuss how it is so easy to get your hands on customization cakes online from expert bakers such as Whipped. 

But, let us understand what exactly is a customizable cake

It is a cake that incorporates additional details provided by the customer which makes the cake different from the standard ready-made cake in a store. This extra detail can be anything bizarre or whacky. Since they require special attention to detail, they are almost entirely made out of skilled hands and the use of machinery is minimal.

If you wish to have a specially handcrafted icing pattern or special floral design it is considered a customized cake. Other popular examples are cakes that are served at weddings. The multi-storey cake that you must have seen at weddings is a customized cake. In addition to this, you can also add any picture of your choice over a cake. Overall, you are given creative planning for how your cake will appear, and upon your request, it will be fulfilled by the bakers.

There are several advantages to having a cake customized

  • The perfect way to showcase the distinctive features of your brand, or bring back nostalgic moments is with a customized cake  You may create a personalized cake with any color shape, or design, from the company’s logo and name to the tagline of your product, these cakes are great for marketing purposes. 

It allows you to really highlight the key feature of the company, brand, or product. And this is what it means to a add personal touch to your cake, to make it more relatable to you and the people with whom you are associated.

Customized cakes can be used as a marketing tool. What people click on the most is the picture of the cake. And they certainly post it on their social media handles. So, essentially your 

business is getting free word-of-mouth marketing. 

In addition to this, the business from which you bought the cake will also display the cake or show it to their customers, to show what they can deliver. Essentially, by showing their artwork they are showing the logo or name of your brand or the product, subliminally marketing the products of your business.  It is a hidden form of marketing that you will not even include in the book of accounts.

  • You may pick from a plethora of flavors and ingredients, to create the ideal sugary guilty sin that tastes as good and looks even better. With traditional cakes, you are confined to the standard shapes, tastes, and ingredients that are consumed by the masses every day. Hence, if you order customized cake online, you can experience new flavors and tastes.

With custom cakes, you have the liberty to add ingredients that are not conventionally used in cakes. You are in the driving seat and have the final call on various aspects of the cake, including, the aesthetics, and the number of flavors. 

  • With personalized cakes you can make any moment memorable. Let’s take an example of the birthday of your child. With customized cakes for birthdays, you can order the cake to be made to look like your child’s favorite cartoon character. Such cakes will be a gift in itself. children love things that are theme based and that resemble things that they love the most, such as a beloved cartoon character. 

With these cakes, you will bring joy not only to your child but also to the other young guests. It will help make the birthday event more joyous.

  • Speaking of gifts, customized cakes are the perfect substitute for typical gifts, such as a bottle of wine that every guest brings. A customized cake will reflect that you cared about the host and remember the little details of your relationship with them. It shows that you did not haphazardly purchase any other gift from a shop at the last minute.

The customized cake takes time and effort, which shows that you cared for the people who hosted the event. Customized cakes cannot be bought from any other bakery shop, only a few of the bakers in a big city are able to deliver the special request made by the customer. Thus, it will help you stand out from others. 

Wrapping things up

Customized cakes can bring more engagement from the people in any of the events that you host or are invited to, and they are certainly an excellent eye-catcher.  Customized cakes for birthdays can bring laughter and happiness to the young ones, they are a gift in itself. customized cakes can be made based on a specific theme to fit an occasion. 

However, no two bakers are the same. Thus, there can be a huge gap between the skills and experience of the bakers. Hence, cakes from Whipped are highly preferred. Whipped has a dedicated team of highly trained backers who have honed their baking skills and are masters of this art. Whipped works with a plethora of ingredients that you may not even have tasted in your life.

Whipped has always left its customers satisfied by meeting their expectations of the customers and delivering orders on time. If you want out-of-the-world taste and quality, you choose Whipped.