4 Extra-Special Anniversary Cake Ideas

by Vikram Bhanwala

Anniversaries have always been a very special occasion for everyone. Marriages are a huge thing all over the world, in every tradition and in every culture- be it in India or some other country. It is a way to mark the love, bond and connection of two persons and their families as well. The lead up to this beautifully amazing day starts with different engaging ceremonies which are different and unique in every culture like parties, engagement party, cocktails, bachelorette and many more. Weddings are the beginning of a new life, a new phase for the bride and groom. While it is natural that the fuss would go down, once the marriage is over but it is equally important to celebrate the anniversary and keep up the exciting moments intact afterwards. 

How to celebrate the wedding anniversary is totally in the hands of the couple but some basic things that every couple does includes- cakes, flowers or a beautiful token of love. Couples plan so many surprises for this special day so that they can rekindle and remember their wedding day. It is a chance for them to reminisce their love. We all know how much importance does cakes hold on these special occasions. This day embarks the beautiful journey of you and your partner towards a happy and successful future. So here’s a list of extra-special anniversaries cake ideas so that you can surprise your loved ones. Just like your partner adds sweetness into your life, our anniversary cakes and desserts adds value, sweetness and deliciousness to your day. 

Extra-Special Anniversary Cakes

  1. Red velvet cake- One of the best and most famous cakes of all times- perfect for all your special occasions. Red colour has always been so special and close to the heart of people who are in love. It depicts love, romance and intimacy- hence a perfect choice for your anniversary cake surprise. This cake tastes like cocoa with slightly tart edge which compliments its perfect sweetness and deliciousness by maintaining a perfect blend of flavours- just like your marriage. This cake is available with and without egg. Order your anniversary cake online for your partner from Whipped. 
  2. Nutella strawberry cake- An amazing choice of delicacy, nutella strawberry cake has rich flavours and layers of dark chocolate and strawberries. As we know, not all chocolate cakes are loved and appreciated but this one can do wonders and can light up your partner’s mood instantly. Fill your special day with joy and excitement by surprising your partner with nutella strawberry cake. The best chocolate cake, finished with a smooth and favorable strawberry taste. Order anniversary cake online for your loved ones. 
  3. Fresh pineapple cake- An all-time favourite cake- pineapple flavoured cake is a timeless and the simplest cake that still has its charm on. If you and your partner loves that fruity taste, then this is the perfect cake for you. This cake is made of pineapples and fresh milky cream filled with small pieces of the fruit which gives it a sweet and sour taste and texture. 
  4. Butterscotch cheesecake- This cake is just downright delicious in every bite! Butterscotch cheesecake is one of a kind- notch up your anniversary celebration with this cake. The chilled and amazing after taste that this cheesecake has, makes the tatstebuds go crazy. Enjoy this cake with champagne or wine to make the most of it. Order anniversary cake online from Whipped and begin your celebration with some sweetness. 

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