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Absolutely amazing service. The cake you made for my Nephew’s first birthday was too yummy and very well decorated. Thank you so much for making this day more special with such beautiful cake.

Ansh Raj

It was everything I wanted and it tasted delicious. Thanks so much for the amazing cakes m ordering from past years. They were all brilliant! I am pleased with both how they looked and tasted!

Radha Desaai

I was actually afraid that i ll get a good quality cake or not. But thank you so much for building this trust it was so yummy ❤️❤️ i really appreciate all your efforts ...thank you so much ...i ll definitely pass my experience and would love order in future as well💕

Asha Shukla

2 orders I have placed in past 2 months and both were baked with so much love and passion. Hats off to your dedication and efforts for bringing the best out of our imagination

Arpit Arora

Whipped serves some of the best cake I've ever tasted- their cakes are moist, their frosting light. You can tell that only the best ingredients have been used, and they're serving fresh goods.
Their customer service is exemplary- fast delivery, responsive customer service.

Reema Prakash

Order Cake Online From Anywhere For Anyone

Want to add sweetness to a special moment? Then why step out and waste your precious time when you can order cake online and make your special moments more happy and cherishable? After all, spending some quality time with your loved ones while enjoying a thick slice of the cake you love is the most satisfying! Read More

If you can get groceries at home, you can get your favourite cake too, just the way you like. Just give us a call and we will bake the cake of your dreams. The cherry on top is the same day cake delivery. So, no more running to a bakery at the last moment when we can deliver your slice of happiness to your doorstep. In fact, here are the reasons why we recommend ordering your cake online.

More options available
When shopping for cake online, you find many different cake designs and sizes to choose from. While there are only a limited amount of cakes and designs available for ordering in a brick-and-mortar store, there are many more cake designs available online. You can select cakes for anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, weddings, and many other types of events, both little and large. You can choose the perfect cake for every occasion from our wide range of collections.

A sweet knock on your doorstep!
Another advantage when you buy online cake is getting delivery right to your home. Imagine getting the cake of your choice delivered right at your doorstep without leaving your house! Your effort would be reduced and you could focus more on what matters more - enjoying yourself with your loved ones. Deliveries to your door are the best experiences you've ever had, right? In fact, you can arrange to have a cake delivered to your loved ones’ houses as well. Additionally, the time does not matter because Whipped is here to celebrate all your important moments by delivering a cake that adds to the happiness.

You can order and forget
With online cake delivery for yourself or your loved ones, you can place an order in just a few minutes and be rest assured. Even if you forget about the cake, it will still arrive at its destination in a timely manner. You can also plan to surprise your loved ones by ordering online cake for them.

No compromise with quality
When you look for the best bakery near me, services offer a great level of quality that is sometimes missing in traditional in-person stores. We, at Whipped, provide cakes that are delicious and of a high calibre. You may also order a custom cake of your choice and decide how much icing you like in it. The narrative is not over yet because you get the ideal quality and everything you require in your cake. We make every effort to meet your needs for all your big and small moments that require a slice of good cake.

The freedom of customization
We know how people love to bring their wildest cake fantasies to life with the customization. And, we offer exactly that because we can bake the cake of your dreams. In fact, ordering cake online gives more power and the ability to personalise a cake. It because easy for us to understand your needs and deliver you the perfect cake that you were looking for. So, when you look for the best cakes near me and place your order with us, we give you the freedom to choose the slice just how you like it. Read Less